First 20 Elements Of The Periodic Table Song Thing

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So I have to learn the first twenty elements of the periodic table, as I'm sure nearly everyone does at least once. Whilst wandering whither just looking at the table was actually doing any good I decided to look on the internet for help. I found a nice song called "The New Periodic Table Song (In Order)" and made this video to help me learn the elements. I'm uploading this to YouTube so if anyone else is stuck trying to learn the first 20 elements, here's help.

EDIT: I would like to apologise. It seems a many of you are using mobile devices. This means that you cannot see annotations. A great many of you are willing to comment about how i ripped off ASAPscience, which I sort of did. But I did however give them full credit to the song, in an annotation at the start of the video. I guess many of you don't see this, so apologies.

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